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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject Re: Incremental backups
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 16:31:22 GMT
afters wrote:

> I could do incremental backups for, say, every day of the week, and at the
> end of the week compact my DB and do a full backup. This way I could roll
> back do any day during the last week.
> If I could precisely roll back a DB (something like what Dirkjan said:
> roll-back-n-seqs, or roll-back-t-seconds), I could skip the incremental
> backup and simply replicate. That way I would only need to do a backup
> before compaction.

I'd look into using a tool like rdiff-backup or the more involved (but great) BackupPC. It'll
only copy/transfer a diff from the previous backup and you'll have multiple points in time
you can go back to.

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