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From "Eli Stevens (Gmail)" <>
Subject Re: How would you implement bulk doc changes happening on their own?
Date Sun, 05 Sep 2010 03:47:02 GMT
On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 7:38 PM, Metin Akat <> wrote:
>This implies that if couchdb crashes and is back
> online after one hour, that one hour must not have affected crop
> growth at all.

This statement could be interpreted in two ways; either crop growth
wasn't affected (because the crops kept growing, in spite of server
instability), or crop growth wasn't affected (because game time
doesn't progress while the server is down).  Not sure which you mean.

However, it would probably be best to not use wall-clock time in
either case.  I suggest that your periodic update to the DB write the
current game time (something like the number of seconds since the game
world was first initialized, either including server downtime or not,
as you prefer).  Crop ripening times would be expressed as a
seconds-since-first-init time, rather than anything to do with
wall-clock time (the only thing that wall-clock time would be used for
would be to inform the server of how much time should be added to game
time while the server was running).

A view could show all of the crops in state 'growing', ordered by
ripening time.

The server would start up, read the current game time (initialized to
zero), and begin looping.  The loop would update the current game
time, ripen any crops that are ready, handle any other tasks, and then
look at the growing list to find out how long to sleep for (with a
short max, so that the game time doesn't get too far behind if the
server is killed while sleeping).

Having a setup like this allows you to do fun things, like have
double-time holidays, where all crops ripen twice as quickly as
normal, etc.


On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 7:38 PM, Metin Akat <> wrote:
> I asked this on #couchdb but it seems like the middle of the night is
> not the best time for having such discussions there :)
> Imagine Farmville, although my use case is not exactly the same.
> Players in Farmville plant some crops and they grow up after some
> time. Let's say 5 hours.
> If we want to implement something like this in couchdb, how would you
> do it, in a crash proof way? It's something like a _changes listener,
> but well, happening some (long) time after the change has happened.
> Here we have some requirements:
> 1. Even if they don't grow at exactly 5 hours but say at 5 hours +-
> several minutes, crops must not stop growing totally for the whole
> server. If it happens, this will do major damage to in-game economy,
> because the other parts of the economy may still function (like buying
> and selling etc), prices of crops will go sky high in half an hour. If
> crops stop growing, the whole game world must stop. It's OK if
> something (pseudorandomly) misbehaves, but it's not OK if the whole
> economy misbehaves.
> 2. Growing must happen asynchronously for the different players. It
> must not be a cron job executed every hour. Maybe every minute could
> be OK, but it would cause peaks of server load every minute and I
> don't like the idea very much.
> 3. All state should (if possible) be stored in couchdb. I don't want
> to rely on storing anything in the memory of my application. It must
> be crash proof. This implies that if couchdb crashes and is back
> online after one hour, that one hour must not have affected crop
> growth at all. If I plant my crops at 1pm and the game world is
> offline from 2pm to 3pm, my crops must be ready for harvesting at 7pm
> instead of 6pm.
> Of course, I have been thinking of all kinds of weird stuff like
> writing a "server is fine" every other minute and then after crash
> have a look at when was it OK. Same for crop growth (some monitor to
> check if growth is working fine and stop the game world otherwise),
> but well, everything so far is at best awkward and doesn't feel good.
> I guess there may not be a good solution to my problem (at least not
> with couchdb). If so, I'd like to know that :)


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