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From Aditya Agustyana <>
Subject connect Ruby on Rails app to Couchdb, using library or just plain http connection ?
Date Sun, 22 Aug 2010 05:33:24 GMT
Hi All

it's the first time i post an email in here :), so let me introduce
myself, i'm Aditya, a Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer and a long time
SQL user
days ago, i decided to learn something new, and i found "NoSql" as new
kids on the block in database area, it seems fun to learn any other
paradigm beside SQL
so i picked apache couchdb and install it in my Mac, now i'm ready to
develop my personal project using RoR & CouchDB
in Ruby world, there are bunch of CouchDb library that can be used to
connect to RoR, i found couchrest & couch potato seems pretty

i read the couchdb tutorial a bit, and it's suprise me, because the
data can be accessed from HTTP directly
this fact actually made me think, if there a way to access couchdb
data directly, why do we need some kind of library as "middleware"  ?
i mean in OLD days sql, it's imposible to connect  from Programming
Language to Database directly, so that's why they create
driver/library for it

so i need any advise from you guys, which path i need to choose, using
plain http connection or using a library ?, to connect Rails App to
Couch Db

any advise is much appreciated

*apologize for my bad english, it isn't my main language*



blog :
ym / twitter : kirconboy
skype : adit_skype

Be Nice. Treat others with the same respect you'd want them to treat
you. We're all here to learn together.  Be tolerant of others who may
not know everything you know. BRING YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR

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