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From Talib Sharif <>
Subject Some stats about couch DB
Date Sat, 24 Jul 2010 00:01:47 GMT
Hi All,

As I am playing more and more with couchdb (it is relaxing and fun), i  
just am trying to understand the limits and the expectations in large  
production system environment.

Right now i have about 100K documents and i have about 10 different  
views, one of the view generates does about 100 emits per document.

As i am building the view indexes, it is taking about 7-8 hours of time.

I would like to know is that how are other people using it?
Is 7-8 or even 24 hours of checkpointing view generation typical?
How many documents do people have??
How is other people's experience in genereting a view on lets say 1  
MIllion documents.

I have switched to the native _sum function for reduce. What else is  
taking long? Is it the map function written in JavaScript? Is it the  
Index that's getting too big?

Is the view generation linear or does it gets worse when you have more  

I would extremely appreciate help in answering or discussing these  

Thanks in advance,

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