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From Norman Barker <>
Subject geocouch
Date Sat, 17 Jul 2010 19:15:50 GMT

I am using geocouch to index documents and it is working well, I have
had a couple of issues, firstly you can only emit one spatial key per
document and it is useful to emit more than one spatial key as you
parse the document (rather than creating a geojson geometry

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if you don't emit a spatial
key then the indexing fails.

In couch_spatial_updater I changed the spatial docs function as below,
but this should be considered a workaround, I see the bbox to
[[{{-181.0, -91.0, -181.0, -91.0}, [null]}]]; knowing that won't be
queried, really I would like to set it to the atom undefined and not
have it in the index when not emitted.

Final comment is that I was patching a 1.0 windows release, and the
only 1.0 branch files that are different are couch_view_group and
couch_query_servers and the changes were -export([hex_sig/1]). and
-export([get_os_process/1]). if they could get added to trunk then
perhaps geocouch could be kept as a separate plugin? I was able to put
the daemons in local.ini and it worked fine.

Good work though, this is cool and is really quick!.

spatial_docs(Proc, Docs) ->
    % send the documents
    Results = lists:map(
        fun(Doc) ->
            Json = couch_doc:to_json_obj(Doc, []),
            % NOTE vmx: perhaps should map_doc renamed to something more
            % general as it can be used for most indexers
            FunsResults = couch_query_servers:proc_prompt(Proc,
[<<"map_doc">>, Json]),
            % the results are a json array of function map yields like this:
            % [FunResults1, FunResults2 ...]
            % where funresults is are json arrays of key value pairs:
            % [[Key1, Value1], [Key2, Value2]]
            % Convert the key, value pairs to tuples like
            % [{Key1, Value1}, {Key2, Value2}]
            case FunsResults of
              [[]] ->
                 [[{{-181.0, -91.0, -181.0, -91.0}, [null]}]];
              _ ->
                    fun(FunRs) ->
                        % do some post-processing of the result documents
                        FunRs2 = process_result(FunRs),
                        %JsonDoc = couch_query_servers:json_doc(Doc),
                        ?LOG_DEBUG("spatial_docs:~n~p~n~p", [FunRs, FunRs2]),
                        %[list_to_tuple(FunResult) || FunResult <- [FunRs]]
                        %[list_to_tuple(FunResult) || FunResult <- [FunRs2]]
    {ok, lists:filter(fun(X) -> X /= [[]] end, Results)}.


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