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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject RE: CouchDB brand identity and design of
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 11:43:52 GMT
What is and what isn't the primary function of CouchDB? The primary function of any database
is storing and retrieving data, but that sounds not too interesting to emphasize on the website.
Aren't design documents a primary function of CouchDB? When does a design document stop being
just a design document and starts being a CouchApp? When it gets its own HTML interface?

We use couchapp (the CLI tool) for all CouchDB development (also handy to keep the code in
version control), though we haven't done any stand-alone web applications on CouchDB yet,
only API-style stuff.

Van: [] namens David Coallier []
Verzonden: maandag 12 juli 2010 12:27
Onderwerp: Re: CouchDB brand identity and design of

> Give a more clear message about CouchApps.
> Most people I have talked to, had a hard time trying to understand what
> CouchApps are (and why do CouchApps) and immediately ask for examples.
> Somehow, by just mentioning only HTTP REST interface and JSON people don't
> realize the possibilty of applications hosted in CouchDB without a middle
> tier (web or app server).
> We need, imho, to give yet more emphasis on CouchApps.

I can't agree with this. Whilst CouchApps are really cool and one of
the widely unknown feature of what you can do with CouchDB, I don't
believe it is appropriate to display and put them in emphasis as the
first face of the website. It should show what is couchdb and what it
does as a primary function.

Perhaps a "little known features" section on the website that could be
either rotating or a carousel-like could be an interesting idea to
display the likes of CouchApps, Mustache and Couch, etc. (IE:

David Coallier

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