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From Patrick Barnes <>
Subject Re: Can I get just the keys from a view? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2010 02:50:34 GMT
The document API is a view as well, where the value emitted for each doc 
is null.

You say that each of the rows in your view has a large value object, but 
that you don't need it? Then why are you emitting it in the first place?
If you have two different use cases;
  a) Fetching lots of keys
  b) Fetching the value for a particular key
Then the solution may be to have two views - one emitting null 
values(a), and the other emitting real values(b). Whether the overhead 
of an extra view is worthwhile will depend on your usage patterns.

Another option might be - if b is not performed often, discard that 
view; fetch the document itself and calculate the value client-side when 

For example, I had a need to filter role docs by a set of attributes, so 
I emitted a view record for every attribute, for every role doc. (So the 
key looked like: [group_id, attrib_name, attrib_value])
To get roles on a group with active status;
startkey=['mygroup', 'status', 'active']
endkey=['mygroup', 'status', 'active', {}]
It worked well enough, til I realised that it was far simpler (and more 
flexible) just to key by group_id; there would never be more than 50 or 
so records with that key, and I could filter the list client-side. As a 
result, my view shrunk by a factor of 10.


On 15/06/2010 12:26 PM, Lowry, Matthew wrote:
> Hi folks. A Couch newbie here with a question regarding the view API.
> Is there any way that I can query a view and get just the key for each
> row, and omit the value?
> The reason I ask is I'm working with a view that generates a massive
> amount of data - each document in the database generates many hundreds
> of rows in the view. Each row has a large value object. But all I want
> to do is get the keys. So it's wasting a massive amount of time and
> resources, both client and server side, to have to pull both the key and
> value object for every row in the view when all I want to see is the
> key.
> So is there actually a mechanism in the view API to pull just the key
> from each row of a view? And if not, why not? That would be curiously
> asymmetrical with the document API, which allows me to get the IDs of
> all the documents without requesting the documents themselves.
> Cheers.
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