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From Alexander Uvarov <>
Subject Any better solution for my case?
Date Sun, 16 May 2010 19:33:49 GMT
Each user has its own database. Users can store documents. Documents has many predefined and
custom parameters along with tags. Users should be able to create so called "collections"
of their documents. By collection I mean a set of criterions, so particular collection should
look like:

  "type": "Item",
  "color": "black",
  "condition": "mint",
  "pages_count", { "in": [1, 300] },
  "tags": ["cool", "awesome", "sweet"]

Currently I see the one and only solution -- just use couchdb-lucene and transform criterions
to actual lucene query string.

Any better ideas?

Well, another one is to just patch CouchDB and add an ability to pass additional parameters
to *generic map function* and store this param in design doc. Too brave actually, a kind of
insanity. But I am going to start hacking if this would have a chance to be accepted into
the mainline. It seemingly sounds selfishly, but I think that I am not the only one who have
found this useful. Thoughts?

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