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From Daniel Truemper <>
Subject Question regarding P2P authentication
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 18:43:08 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding P2P apps in CouchDB and the new authentication method.

The setup could be like that: a central server is the main synchronization point. If the user
logs in (via some kind of reverse proxy) she is automatically redirected to her user DB on
the server side. So, the central CouchDB instance has a _users database with her user document.

At the same time I want her to run CouchDB locally. I.e. she should have the same user document
on her local CouchDB instance so that the passwords are the same. If she changes her user
document locally I would like to update this to the server database and vice versa. Could
this be done via filtered replication?

If this works like I described it, there is only one open question: how can I prevent the
users from replicating all documents P2P, without the synchronization server. I have the usecase
where not every user is allowed to see all documents, so I would have to prevent those documents
from replicating between two end users. I think this should be done via the validate doc update

If there is a better solution, what would that be?

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