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From Julian Moritz <>
Subject performance issues
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2010 16:14:02 GMT

I've developed a (in my eyes) simple view. I have a wordlist which does
not  contain unique words. I want to store it in a view, with every word
occurring once and ordered by random. Therefore I have a simple view

emit([hash(doc.word), doc.word], null);

and a simple reduce:

function(key, values, rereduce){
return true;

calling that view with group=true it does what I want.

When storing plenty of words to the database, one of my two cpu cores is
used completely by couchjs.

Isn't the view built using two (or all) cpu cores? I thought (obviously
I'm wrong) that it would be calculated in parallel and using a
quadro-core (or more cores) would make storing faster.

Is there a solution for that? Should I use another query-server?


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