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From Matthew Sinclair-Day <>
Subject Replicated database size
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 19:09:07 GMT
Hi folks,

I've been putting couch 10.1 on Solaris 10/x86 through its paces 
lately trying to understand its replication performance and 
behavior, and have noticed the size of pre-compacted replicas 
can vary from one host to another.

In one test, the origin has roughly 1.2 million documents taking 
up 263MB of storage, but replicated size varies from one server 
to another:

origin   : 263MB
replica 1: 0.6GB
replica 2: 0.7GB
replica 3: 1.0GB

As expected the replicas are larger than the compacted origin 
database, but I didn't expect such size differences from replica 
to replica.

After compacting the origin (again) and the replicas, their 
sizes settle down to:

origin:  : 262.4MB
replica 1: 262.4MB
replica 2: 262.5MB
replica 3: 262.4MB

I'm trying to understand what the reason could be for the 
variance in pre-compacted database sizes.  All replicas are 
running the same build of CouchDB on the same version of 
Solaris, though replica3 is running on newer hardware in a 
VMWare container.


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