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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Entire CouchDB cluster crashes simultaneously
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 12:44:23 GMT
Can you include some of the log output?

A coordinated failure like this points to external factors but log
output will help in any case.


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Peter Bengtson <> wrote:
> We have a cluster of servers. At the moment there are three servers, each having two
separate instances of CouchDB, like this:
>        node0-couch1
>        node0-couch2
>        node1-couch1
>        node1-couch2
>        node2-couch1
>        node2-couch2
> All couch1 instances are set up to replicate continuously using bidirectional pull replication.
That is:
>        node0-couch1    pulls from node1-couch1 and node2-couch1
>        node1-couch1    pulls from node0-couch1 and node2-couch1
>        node2-couch1    pulls from node0-couch1 and node1-couch1
> On each node, couch1 and couch2 are set up to replicate each other continuously, again
using pull replication. Thus, the full replication topology is:
>        node0-couch1    pulls from node1-couch, node2-couch1, and node0-couch2
>        node0-couch2    pulls from node0-couch1
>        node1-couch1    pulls from node0-couch1, node2-couch1, and node1-couch2
>        node1-couch2    pulls from node1-couch1
>        node2-couch1    pulls from node0-couch1, node1-couch1, and node2-couch2
>        node2-couch2    pulls from node2-couch1
> No proxies are involved. In our staging system, all servers are on the same subnet.
> The problem is that every night, the entire cluster dies. All instances of CouchDB crash,
and moreover they crash exactly simultaneously.
> The data being replicated is very minimal at the moment - simple log text lines, no attachments.
The entire database being replicated is no more than a few megabytes in size.
> The syslogs give no clue. The CouchDB logs are difficult to interpret unless you are
an Erlang programmer. If anyone would care to look at them, just let me know.
> Any clues as to why this is happening? We're using 0.10.1 on Debian.
> We are planning to build quite sophisticated transcluster job queue functionality on
top of CouchDB, but of course a situation like this suggests that CouchDB replication currently
is too unreliable to be of practical use, unless this is a known bug and/or a fixed one.
> Any pointers or ideas are most welcome.
>        / Peter Bengtson

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