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From Mike Keen>
Subject Relational-esque behavior in CouchDB
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 15:41:25 GMT

I am managing a database that has hundreds of thousands of documents (so far), all containing
a field called "keyword_id". I am not storing the "keyword_name" inside of each individual
document for several reasons. The biggest reason being that the name could change at any time,
but I don't want old documents to become outdated. I still want them to be associated with
one another.

Anyway, I am wondering if there is currently a special function within the CouchDB JavaScript
view server to pull data across views. I have a view that serves as an index of keyword_ids/names.
I also have another view that aggregates keyword data, but can't return the keyword names.
Currently, I just run two requests to CouchDB. One to retrieve all aggregated keyword data,
and another to retrieve the relevant keyword names as they relate to the ids.

I am assuming that the way I am doing it is currently the best way, but wanted to see if it
was possible to run something like:

function(doc) {
  var keyword_name = view("/lu_persistence/_design/keywords/_view/keyword_id_name_map?key="
+ doc.keyword_id);
  doc.keyword_name = keyword_name;
  emit(null, doc);

Maybe I'm just nuts, but I think this would be ridiculously useful. And if it's already in
there, and someone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a million,
Mike Keen

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