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From Simon Eisenmann <>
Subject Error 500 - badmatch,{error,system_limit}
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 09:06:55 GMT

today one of my CouchDBs running multiple replications for about 2 weeks
started throwing Error 500 responses

ServerError: (500, ('error', '{{badmatch,{error,system_limit}},\n

Anyone can tell me what this error message means?

After restart of the Couch things run smoothly again, though i seem to
have a duplicated entry in the database (same id, though different
revisions which is shown in futon). Both of these objects came back when
calling a view, though one of them fails to be retrieved properly by
revision (returns nothing).

In futon it is shown like the following

ID: ping_http://server_a:2425
{rev: "28151-d09e8093df67f5b0d0e3fcfe064a165b"}

ID: ping_http://server_a:2425
{rev: "2899-953a327300f3664216d30d01313c52ab"}

When shown any of these objects in futon, they both show the data of the
greater revision. 

I also seem to be unable to remove any of these object manually from the

I see from the CHANGES file in 0.10.x branch that there is a bugfix with
leaking file descriptors. To me the error message above seems to mean
something like that. If that is related, what is the schedule to release
couchdb 0.10.2 ? (i am using 0.10.1 at the moment).

Thank you and best regards

Simon Eisenmann

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