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From Nicolas Steinmetz <>
Subject Re:
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 10:07:19 GMT

2010/2/26 Jan Lehnardt <>

> I'm getting more and more inquiries about place to discuss CouchDB in
> German.
> I know there are quite a bit of German-speaking folks here: Do you think
> setting
> up would get any traction? Would *you*
> subscribe? :)

Not me, my german skills are too old and not related to IT subjects ;-)

> Also: Are there other languages/countries where this would make sense?
> I don't think this should be a "me too" contest but rather a means of
> helping
> more people get help with CouchDB. Do you think your language's community
> would benefit from a separate place to talk?

On one side, it can help as you can express in your mother language. On the
other side it can split/spread the community into smaller blocks with no
necessary links between them (not sure it's an issue). Not sure couchdb
community is big enough to split it.

As english is the IT language by default, I now think it's not an issue to
follow only the "official/main" user list. Using english ressources by
default allow also to have the most up to date documentation (as translation
needs time and quite hard to maintain on the long term)

> What do others think? What are your experiences from other projects or
> communities?

Being part of French django community, the french user list is not really
used and with a very small traffic (a few msg / month). Looks that the whole
community is on the django-users list ; I did not check for other languages.

For french couchdb user list, there is one created by benoit but it lacks of
visibility I think. So it can explain why it has no success so far.

For both french django & couchdb community, I guess that IRC is the main
channel to get help in your own language (even if it's not my prefered tool
and can't join during work if I need)

So at the end, I would say I'm 0 on this (if I have to note between -1 / +1)

Nicolas Steinmetz -

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