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From Patrick Barnes <>
Subject Couchdb and futon authentication on trunk (910404)
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 06:05:10 GMT
Problem 1:
- In admin party mode, when offered authentication details couchdb and 
futon will complain. (from memory, I think the error was 
{"error":"unauthorized","reason":"Name or password is incorrect."})
- Web browsers remember authentication details - so if I have previously 
logged into futon, then removed the users and changed to admin party 
mode, I can't access the site until I restart the browser.

Problem 1a: Why doesn't the test suite run unless in admin party mode? 
(And why isn't there a 'clean up the test databases' test?)

Problem 2:
Once an admin user is created, if you go and change require_valid_user 
to true, everything seems to work fine until you log out or restart the 
browser. Then futon will not let you in - trying to access 
couchserver:5984/_utils just brings up an 
{"error":"unauthorized","reason":"Authentication required."} error... 
not a login screen or HTTP auth prompt or anything.
It seems there's no way to get back into futon other than switching 
require_valid_user off.

This is the first trunk build I've tried (was on 0.10.0 before), so it 
might just be my server, but this behaviour seems either odd or incomplete.

(Also, can 'sign up' be disabled / admin users allowed to create new users?)

-Patrick Barnes

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