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From Patrick Barnes <>
Subject Trees and leaf nodes
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 06:43:29 GMT
I have a large tree of documents that I want to display in a dynamic 
treeview, but I'm not sure how best to determine whether a given node 
has children or not.

Each document has a 'path' element giving it's place in the tree, eg 
this following doc has the parent 'AA', which in turn has the top-level 
parent 'A'.
doc = {

Fetching and displaying the entire tree is simple... this view:
function(doc) { emit(doc.path, doc.display_name); }
emits in lexicographical order, and some php code turns it into a nested 

The entire tree is slow to retrieve and display in one go. With jquery 
treeview-async, I retrieve and display only the top-level nodes on page 
load, then on expanding a node it will call the server with the ID, 
asking for children.

I have a view that returns just the immediate children of the given key:
function(doc) {
	if (doc.doc_type=='group') {
		//Emit the path of the parent...
		emit(doc.path, doc.display_name);
So things mostly work nicely - I can click on a node, and it will 
dynamically load children, rinse, repeat.

It looks messy if the node has a little 'expand' icon next to it, though 
- but there are no actual children below it. Is it possible to create a 
view that will emit as value whether each node has children?

-Patrick Barnes

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