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Subject Re: GWT app stored and served from CouchDB?
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 20:23:43 GMT
creating single (or 2) -tear applications is in my view the main point of couchdb. last year
i did a prototype combining gwt and couchdb. 
(just a hack to proove the combination of gwt, json an couchdb)

source is available at
it's a maven-project so type 'mvn install' and './'  to get started..

i used gwt-mosaic, don't worry about the gwt-compiler warnings (and i don't really recommend
using moasic anymore!)
to help development and get rid of the same-origin-policy, i created a small proxy-servlet.
so you can debug your app in your ide

when compiled an uploaded it will run just in couchdb and your browser

hope that helps,

i didn't follow the mailinglist and don't know the current state:
at the time(08/2009)  developingthe prototype i came to the point, that we could not use couchdb
in 'real world'
- deployment issues (plattform dependencies, erlang wont run 100% on the m$ boxes..)
- missing security model (also for restricting read access)
- from time to time i got errors from the view-cache (.. sorry no time to reproduce)

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