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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Re: Bulk CSV import?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 22:08:18 GMT
On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 12:58:36PM -0800, Roger Binns wrote:
> > But what about importing? 
> Although CSV may seem trivial, it is actually a nightmarish format.

I never said it was a good format for all applications, but there are cases
for which it works well.

> That said, if you do want to import CSV may I suggest using APSW.

You miss my point. I was asking for a way by which a CouchApp author could
provide their user with an import facility (whether it be XML, CSV or
whatever), which they could drive through their browser.

Anyway, it's not high on my priority list. I'm just identifying things in my
current Rails-based app which would need to be sorted if porting it to a



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