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From Vijay Raghunathan <>
Subject Re: CouchDB speakers
Date Sun, 17 Jan 2010 02:43:56 GMT
Meebo is definitely interested/willing to talk about how we're using
couchdb.  We bounced around a couple ideas internally and came up with
3 different  topics that we thought were interesting.

1) Using couch in a clustered environment (Couchdb-lounge).  Our
cluster has 11 boxes in it, with full redundancy.

2) We've been migrating all of our stats systems to be based on
couchdb.  The actual visualization code is served using couchapp.

3) For one of our recent projects, we've been using couch as an
application store to keep separate parts of the application in sync.
Whenever something is modified, we simply update a document in couch.
Other pieces listen to _changes and update their state as necessary.
This is really nice for two main reasons.  All of our code is already
asynchronous, so listening to _changes is pretty trivial to add
support to.  Also, it means that at any piece can be restarted without
worrying about the state, since it's all stored in couch.  It's made
for (what we think) is a very elegant architecture.

Of course, we're also more than happy to talk about our experiences
with couch in production environments in general.


On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 1:18 PM, Chris Anderson <> wrote:
> Another one:
> It'd be great to have a flood of talk proposals and case studies at OSCON:
> Call for participation is open for another week or so.
> The conference is July 19-23rd in Portland Oregon. Especially stories
> of personal experience with CouchDB would be appreciated by this
> audience.
> Chris
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 7:24 AM, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
>> On 30 Dec 2009, at 18:25, Chris Anderson wrote:
>>> CouchDB devs and users,
>>> It's almost conference season again, and there will be unprecedented
>>> demand for CouchDB speakers. I think it'd really help the project to
>>> have people talking about CouchDB at all the local conferences and
>>> user group meetups.
>>> If you've never talked at a conference before, it's really rewarding,
>>> and easy to do. If you're looking for inspiration, there are a lot of
>>> slide decks here:
>> We also have a wiki page listing talks, videos and slides, it'd be
>> great if we could maintain it.
>> Chris, I know you don't like the wiki, but I don't like slideshare even more.
>> Cheers
>> Jan
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> Chris Anderson

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