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From Timothy Baldridge <>
Subject Duplicate keys in a view
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:58:27 GMT
I've been working with CouchDB for several weeks now, and love it, but
I've got a bug that's giving me issues.

I have a map function in a View that generates many duplicate keys.
Let's say these keys are thus:

[ "foo", "bar"],
[ "foo", "barr"],
[ "foo", "bar"],

Now I want to query the two duplicate rows above. However here's where
I hit an issue. If I use: ?key="['foo', 'bar']"

Couchdb replies:


I assume this is because we have duplicate keys. However, if I do this:

?start_key="['foo', 'bar']"&end_key="['foo', 'bar']"

I get all three docs returned (instead of the two I wanted), because
barr is considered a subset of bar.

So how do I get the view to return multiple rows?


Timothy Baldridge

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