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From Jim Woodgate <>
Subject external limits
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 22:42:19 GMT
I finally have a basic external program running, but I find that if I
return 57 ids it works, but if I return 58 ids or more I get an error.
 Is there a way to tell what the actual error is?  The text that comes
back says:


but then it just repeats what my original request looked like.  I
looked at ids 57 and 58 and nothing jumps out and I even tried
skipping the first 4 ids which also worked so it's not the actual data
but the size of it somehow.

I tried returning a couple hundred results using couchdb-lucene and it
worked fine (and was 14k vs my 3k).

The only header I set is Content-Type: text/plain and my json is
attached to the "json" key.  I don't believe it's a timing issue, when
I run the program by hand the output looks fine and it only takes a
couple hundred milliseconds

Jim Woodgate

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