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From "Sebastian Negomireanu" <>
Subject Hierarchical documents query question
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:07:20 GMT
Hi all,

I need some advice on how to handle querying some documents. I assume that
this might be a very straightforward question, but I'm stuck at this point.
Basically my database contains files and folders in a hierarchical
structure. A simplified version of my documents looks like this:

Doc: {
_id: "....",
_rev: "....",
Path: ["","folderA","folderB",...,"folderX"]

Basically the Path property contains an array representing the directories
that make up the path to the folder. Now comes the question. I need to get
all folders that have a certain parent path. I've been thinking to
accomplish this using a map function like:


Now, my problem is how to use the startkey & endkey to get the subfolders.
For example, if I have three folders, let's say /folder/subfolderA,
/folder/subfolderB and /folder/subfolderA/bar, my view would look like this:

["","folder","subfolderA"] => id1
["","folder","subfolderB"] => id2
["","folder","subfolderA","bar"] => id3

Let's say I want to get the root folder children (only one level). I've
tried using startkey=[""]&endkey=["",""] but it returns everything.
Simmilar, to get the first level under /folder, I've tried using
startkey=["","folder"]&endkey=["","folder",""], but again it returns also
the /folder/subfolder/bar item.

I don't want to get the entire tree, only one level at a time. So how can I
accomplish this?

Best regards,
Sebastian Negomireanu | CTO / Managing Partner JustDesign Sibiu, Romania
+40-726-181186 | +40-788-757462

SC JustDesign SRL | Str. Dorului 20, 550352, Sibiu, Romania
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