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From Glenn Rempe <>
Subject Re: Timeout Error when trying to access views + Indexing problems
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 21:51:48 GMT
Hi Bob,

I have the CouchDB running in interactive mode and I added the +d to a
copy of the couchdb startup script immediately after the 'erl' call.

I was wondering, is it possible, from within the erl shell to find
specific processes and manually issue the 'erlang:process_info (self
(), memory)' call from within the shell?

Of course that would presume I know which process to monitor.  Which I
don't really (And doing a ctrl-C in the shell and choosing the (p)
options gives me a *huge* dump of info.)


On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Robert Dionne
<> wrote:
> sorry I was jumping in and hadn't read this entire thread yet. In your
> startup script look for the erlang command "erl ...." and add a +d
> or prefix your script invocation with ERL_FLAGS=+d .....
> I usually run out of trunk and would use a command like ERL_FLAGS=+d
> ./utils/run -i      where the -i makes it interactive so one can execute
> commands in an erlang shell. To use process_info you'd need to know where to
> insert statements in the code and rebuild. So your best best for now is to
> try the other suggestions first.
> If you're new to couchdb there's an IRC channel, #couchdb that usually has a
> few devs in there who can provide quicker turnaround on ideas, good and bad
> :)
> Cheers,
> Bob
> On Oct 6, 2009, at 4:01 PM, Glenn Rempe wrote:
>> Thanks Robert.  No I have not tried the +d option and I don't see that
>> as one of the options on the 'couchdb' starter script.  (Frankly I
>> don't know how to do that having only just begun to dabble in Erlang.)
>> Can you give me more information on how I would provide that option
>> exactly?
>> Regarding the instrumentation.  That sounds great.  But again, I am
>> not familiar enough with the internals of the CouchDB code to know
>> just where I should put that.  Is there someone that could help me
>> with that and we can create a custom build of CouchDB that I can run?
>> Thanks for chiming into the conversation.  Much appreciated.
>> Glenn
>> On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Robert Dionne
>> <> wrote:
>>> Internally you can put some erlang:process_info (self (), memory)
>>> statements
>>> in.

Glenn Rempe

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