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From "Welch, Matt" <>
Subject How Do You Model This?
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:07:41 GMT
Ok, forgive my table structured background. I'm trying to see the light,
here, but I need help converting an SQL table based model into something
more CouchDB-ish. In an old-fashioned relational database it would look
similar to this: a users table and a permissions table.


Name	Group
Alice	Developers
Bob	Developers
Carol	Developers
Eve	Managers
Frank	Managers


Group		Directory
Developers	Source
Developers	Binary
Managers	Binary
Managers	Planning

Then I want to look up what directories Alice has permissions to, or
even make a master list of all the users and their permissions like:

Alice	Source
Alice	Binary
Bob	Source
Bob	Binary
Frank	Binary
Frank	Planning

I need to do the equivalent of adding and removing users, adding and
removing directories, and change group and permission assignments. None
of that can be static. 

So how do I set up my data and views in CouchDB to do this kind of
thing? Or is this just not the sort of thing CouchDB will be good at

Thanks in advance for your help.

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