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From Jesse Hallett <>
Subject Re: jQuery dependency (Re: Futon Improvements)
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:22:15 GMT
Maybe the problem is that the JavaScript interface library that ships with
CouchDB depends on jQuery.  If that is the case and if it only relies on
jQuery for XMLHttpRequest support then it should be reasonably easy to
factor out.

On the other hand a jQuery dependency in Futon is a good thing, and would be
much more difficult to factor out anyway.

On Sep 10, 2009 2:59 AM, "Jan Lehnardt" <> wrote:

Hi :)

On 10 Sep 2009, at 03:33, cinnebar wrote:

 I am working with a group on a full featured ERP that proposes to
> index/store data AND scripts in one or multiple json db files, perhaps
> outputting function sets from json document/s to .js (for example) file/s
> serverside maybe in a cache folder though perhaps clientside concates or an
> array function will be adequate for most use cases.  For a number of
> reasons
> and although it is still infant we consider that CouchDB is the best
> candidate for serverside handling of the json docs at the moment.
> We would like to see CouchDB independant of jquery (or even python re
> CouchApp for that matter) for standalone couchapps 'out of the box'.
> Given the very excellent http request api that is a fundamental aspect of
> CouchDB we consider that the current jquery dependancy is a major deterrent
> regarding general uptake of CouchDB.

a) jQuery is a very popular js lib, I don't see how that is a deterrent.
b) CouchDB has no dependency on jQuery :) Feel free to use any you like,
   I've seen raw JS, Dojo, Prototype & Sproutcore apps, maybe more without
   a line of jQuery.


> While the jquery dependency still stands we consider that the dev rate of
> futon and more generally other standalone couchapps will be increased
> dramatically with detailed documentation (commented or otherwise) of the
> jquery.couch.js and other 'in box' jquery[].js files with a simple list of
> function dependancies regards to jquery.js and perhaps documentation of
> those functions too.  Perhaps the fastest way for this to proceed would be
> for the author of jquery.couch.js to provide some explanation in order to
> augment general documentation of 'in box' CouchDB components.
> As yet no time to look through the test suite for specifically jquery
> dependancies and documentation would be helpful here too.
> Of course there is the couch.js providing SJAX methods if required but AJAX
> is 'the shit' (or AJAJ as is more exact in this case - hehe)  and perhaps
> it
> could be included in a 'COUCH' object namespace.  We are working with an
> 'EOS' object at the moment but this may change.

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