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From Nitin Borwankar <>
Subject Re: e4x, xml and json
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 00:45:16 GMT
Paul Davis wrote:
>> If an xml document is imported into couchdb via built in e4x support in
>> spidermonkey then
> I don't understand how you would import a document via e4x when that
> doesn't exist on the front side of CouchDB.
> Paul
Ahh! stupid question.  Misunderstanding of where e4x fits.
As I see it now - blindingly obvious (thanks Paul) - no XML api on the 
way in.

OK, so I will need to convert XML to JSON before saving to Couch and 
then query via views to emit JSON
 ( I don't want to emit XML anyway ).

Thanks much,
 And allow me to retreat back to the middle of the forest,


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