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From David Nolen <>
Subject Re: Help with CouchDB query
Date Fri, 07 Aug 2009 17:54:09 GMT
On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 12:40 PM, Chris Anderson <> wrote:
> Paginating over merged views is not trivial. For the case of 1 and 2,
> you could do that. For the case of 3 and 4, one way to implement this
> is by having a database per user, that contains their view of the
> world. Any documents they are interested would be replicated to that
> database, an nothing else. So it would make it easy to browse through
> documents from friends or groups the user follows.

Unfortunately for our application this could get exponential pretty quickly
so I'm not sure replicating all this data is doable?

If filtering docs the user in interested in, into a smaller namespace
> is impractical, you will indeed have to do a lot of multi-key queries
> and merge them in your application code. Depending on load /
> performance you can probably do something like store the unpaginated
> complete set in memcached, and then dynamically paginate over it.

Would this work for different combinations of the four possibilities I've
described? Another limitation which I didn't describe is that these need to
sorted by date. It seems like a potential bottleneck to load the entire set
into memory, merge, and sort- especially since this will change, for
example, every time someone publishes a new document to a group.

I don't know much about memcached, any good literature about integrating
this with CouchDB?

> Basically two different ways to do the same thing: putting the docs of
> interest in their own set and then paginate within it. The user-db
> approach gives you more flexibility with how to view the docs, but if
> you have users editing the same documents you'd have to do some
> legwork to make sure edits get replicated back "upstream" in a timely
> manner. Also, filtered replication is still a couple of Jira tickets
> away.

In our application documents are not edited by anyone but the owner.

So is it not reasonable to run a couchdb-lucene query looking for the docs
that match the user's specifications?

> --
> Chris Anderson

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