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From Vlad GURDIGA <>
Subject Re: CouchDB equivalent of SQL update
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 11:04:22 GMT
Thank you for your response!

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Ross Bates<> wrote:
> This depends on how you design your database.
> What the documentation is saying there is that you can bulk insert docs
> straight up without any additional information.
> On the other hand to update documents you would need to know their id's
> ahead of time.
> In the situation you describe where you are updating based on an attribute
> it's likely that even if you were using a naming convention for the doc._id,
> it wouldn't be readily available before updating.
> For situations like this I would create a view that emits category_id,
> select from the view, turn it into an object client side, update, then
> repost.

OK. That thing with the view sounds feasible.
The next question that pops up is: would it be possible to update just
a single property of a document without having to get and resend all
of the document's content? That would be nice, because I'm afraid in
case of multiple documents (it's bulk update we're coming from) the
request could get heavy weight.

> I know that sounds crazy when you compare it to SQL, but from my experience
> you'll be much better off if you don't draw comparisons to SQL. You have to
> take a completely different mindset to application design. Things that may
> seem counter intuitive at first prove to be elegent in their simplicity in
> the long run.

I'm on my way. :)
Thank you!

> -Ross
> On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 1:55 AM, Vlad GURDIGA <> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> The CouchDB wiki says "CouchDB provides a bulk insert/update feature.
>> To use this, you make a POST request to the URI /{dbname}/_bulk_docs,
>> with the request body being a JSON document containing a list of new
>> documents to be inserted or updated." So, as far as I can understand,
>> this means that I first need to read the documents in order to bulk
>> update them. I wish I am mistaken.
>> If I need to move products from one category to another, I would that
>> in SQL with a statement like this:
>> UPDATE products SET category_id=1 WHERE category_id=2
>> Is there any way to do that in CouchDB?
>> Thank you!

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