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From Jason Davies <>
Subject Re: CouchDB shared hosting
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 12:28:14 GMT
Hi Mark,

On 7 Jul 2009, at 18:43, Stream Service || Mark Scholten wrote:

> We want to know if the following is possible now or in the near  
> future. When
> it is possible we probably want to add the CouchDB to our standard  
> packages.
> - Access to a database based on the username and password

This will be supported imminently.  I'm currently working on Jan's  
OAuth/Authorization proposal, which includes supporting built-in roles  
of "owner", "writer", "reader" (along with custom roles), which should  
give us the ability to restrict access to documents in particular  
databases based on username/password.

> - Require that the connections comes from a "trusted" IP or from any  
> IP (can
> also be done by a firewall)

The authentication/authorization stuff is designed to be pluggable so  
supporting additional requirements like this should be as easy as  
writing a custom auth handler and plugging this into your local.ini on  
your server.

> - The option to change rights and/or passwords for a user with  
> commands (so
> it can be done automatically)

One of our design goals is that everything can be done over HTTP, so  
this should be possible to do via curl or custom shell scripts very  

> - The option to create/delete users/databases with commands (so it  
> can be
> done automatically)

Again, everything is done over HTTP so writing shell scripts to do  
this would be very straightforward.

> - 1 instance for multiple databases (not an instance per database)

Once we get the extended authorization stuff in as above, this should  
be possible out of the box.

> If most (or all) options above are possible we will probably start  
> soon with
> offering it on our shared platform.

Excellent, good luck!

Hope that helps,
Jason Davies

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