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From Daniel Trümper <>
Subject Re: Updating views while inserting documents
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 14:37:14 GMT

didn't have time to look into this until now...

>> So the 0.9.x branch is not recommended?
> I think it should be fine, but it would be a useful data point to  
> compare to
> head.
OT: in another thread I read that the view size is very disk  
inefficient. I can also confirm this. In another test run I have  
around 5.000 documents in one database consuming 10MB of disk. The  
corresponding view file consumes 700MB!! If I understood the remarks  
correctly, there is view file compactation in trunk, right?

> Are you swapping? Try 'top' then press capital M to look for memory  
> hogs,
> and 'vmstat 2' to watch I/O.
No. 'top' shows that beam uses 40% CPU on a dual core. Memory usage is  
at 4% (80MB). 'vmstat; indicates that there is nearly no swapping.

(The system on which CouchDB is running is a AMD dualcore 64bit Ubuntu  
with 2GB RAM).

> Anything in the logs when it starts to slow down?
Haven't seen anything there yet, but I have just now changed the log  
level to debug...

> Aside: I would write  emit( [field, doc[field] || null], null );
> in case doc doesn't have a [field] member. The view server barfs its  
> guts
> if you try to get it to serialise 'undefined'.
I am iterating over the fields of the documents and only then emit the  

> Other than that, no I'm afraid I don't have any ideas.
Anyways, thanks for the information. Will dig deeper into this. Can  
the 64bit Erlang be a problem?


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