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From "Lynton Grice" <>
Subject RE: announcing couchbeam, a new erlang couchdb library
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 18:17:00 GMT
Hi there,

I have just installed it on my windows box and it WORKS LIKE A DREAM!! I had
some issues running the "erlang_couchdb" because of some JSON encoding
errors because of "Mochiweb"....

But this is SUPER, well done on a great library!


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From: Benoit Chesneau [] 
Sent: 30 July 2009 04:07 PM
Subject: announcing couchbeam, a new erlang couchdb library


Quick mail to announce the release of couchbeam a new Erlang Couchdb
library. I spend last 4 days to write it because i didn't find
something that fit my needs. Also it was fun.

Couchbeam source code and downloads are on github :

Current features are :

* A full client in sync with latest CouchDB version
* Possible to use it as a simple standalone client (without starting
application and such).
* Multi node. You can use it easily with multiple databases
* It follows OTP principles if you want (supervised connections, ...)
* No dependancies. Http client use gen_recv and allow full streaming
of attachments.
* Views can be retrieved while they coming (See example
parse_incoming_view escript).
* Attachements are streamed and can be save on disk (or whatever you
want) while they coming.
* Authentification support.

Please let me know what you think about it. Any feedback is appreciated.


- benoƮt

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