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From Nicolas Steinmetz <>
Subject Creating firsts lists / shows
Date Tue, 30 Jun 2009 19:56:06 GMT
First to introduce myself : New to CouchDB universe, I read the WIP CouchDB
Book, some official documentation and some writings from "benoitc". So now I
try to build my first couchdb app with a simple clone of delicious.

So in a first part, I installed couchapp 0.3.2 and generate a first project
(called "mycouchapp") and then pushed it on my local couchdb server (using
CouchDBX) in a db called "monapp".

At this stage, I got the default placeholder from Couchapp.

Then from Futon, I added 3 documents like this one :

   "_id": "3b0ce9b06a0f7a110dbd8a72b32f2072",
   "_rev": "3-1834349775",
   "title": "CouchDB Official site",
   "url": "",
   "description": "Apache CouchDB is a distributed, fault-tolerant and
schema-free document-oriented database accessible via a RESTful
   "tag": [

   "_id": "63f417d3d2217e4be4d284a30056c84d",
   "_rev": "2-1087649587",
   "title": "Couchdbkit",
   "description": "Couchdbkit goal is to provide a framework for your
Python application to access and manage Couchdb.",
   "url": "",
   "tag": [

   "_id": "8fa1e44814d3d1800069127da12e72f9",
   "_rev": "2-3730993466",
   "title": "couchapp",
   "description": "Utilities to make standalone CouchDB application
development simple",
   "url": "",
   "tag": [

I know I should have used better _id but it's my first try and realised it
too late ;-)

I played a little bit with Futon to design some temporary view to try
requests against my documents. All went well.

This done, I would like to create my first lists / shows / views but failed
so far :-(

I tried to build them by looking mainly at sofa code but I always have 404
page with not a lot of info for going further.

I did not forget to push code with couchapp to update my couchdb instance.

My aim was to create two "pages" :
* One list to display all documents
* One show to display a given document

For the list :
* I should have a index.js file in lists directory for the list with a
function like :

function(head, row, req, info) {
  // !json templates.index
  // !code vendor/couchapp/path.js
  // !code vendor/couchapp/date.js
  // !code vendor/couchapp/template.js

  return respondWith(req, {
    html : function() {
      if (head) {
        return template(templates.index.head, {
          assets : assetPath(),
      } else if (row) {
        var fav = row.value;
        return template(templates.index.row, {
          title : fav.title,
          description : fav.description,
          url : fav.url
      } else {
        return template(templates.index.tail, {
            assets : assetPath(),

This mean that I have a templates/index/{head|row|tail}.html files. I just
adapted the one of sofa with removing "useless" code in my case

If I understand well, that's all I need with an url like :

For displaying a bookmark (fav) :

function(doc, req) {
  // !json templates.fav
  // !code vendor/couchapp/template.js
  // !code vendor/couchapp/path.js

  // we only show html
  return template(templates.fav, {
    title : doc.title,
    url : doc.url
    description : doc.description,
    assets : assetPath(),

with a fav.html file in /templates/

Url is something like : http://localhost:5984/monapp/_show/mycouchapp/fav/

What annoys me is the 404 status for all pages and that from the html
template point of views, I do not see JS that will "talk" to CouchDB
server/instance. There is something "magical" I can't get so far.

As I did not find so far examples from ground/scratch for building lists /
shows, I ask for some help.

Thanks in advance,

PS : On #couchdb, #couchapp, you can find me with the login NiCoS`
PS2 : do not know it it's more a couchapp or couchdb issue - think
it's more couchdb one...
Nicolas Steinmetz -

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