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From Oliver Boermans <>
Subject A reduce with multiple totals
Date Sat, 16 May 2009 02:23:32 GMT
Hi CouchCrew.

Hoping you guys can help me with my first reduce composition problem.

My app is intended to log phone calls. Now I want to output some
tallies. For each logged call I am emitting two items: one each for
the call answered and the call’s intended recipient. I want a tally of
calls answered and calls for with the phone answerer/recipient as the

Please take a look at the code here:

The results are null instead of my intended total. What am I doing
wrong in my reduce function?

My approach feels good up until reduce. Please correct me if there is
a better angle to this problem.

I’m spoilt by Firebug as a tool for troubleshooting this kind of code
in a browser. I’d be very interested to hear what approach you might
use to nut out what is going wrong when composing something like this
in Futon.

Many thanks

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