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From Jaap van der Plas <>
Subject Problem replicating from remote server
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 10:07:41 GMT
After upgrading to the new database format (using a script that simply
read docs from the old database, and created them as new documents in
the new database) I am no longer able to replicate a certain database
from a remote server to my local machine. Using an ssh tunnel I access
the remote database on localhost:5985.

Using the replicator interface on the local instance of couchdb, I am
able to replicate from my local database, to the remote database.
However, the reverse doesn't work: the _replicate post request takes a
very time / doesn't seem to finish at all (seen with firebug.) The
database in question is 1mb in size (compacted.) If I try replicating
with a db with 1 doc in it it does work both ways. Where should I be
looking for the cause of this problem? Is it possible there is some
offending/corrupt document in the database?


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