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From Adam Wolff <>
Subject new view resources in 0.9
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 17:52:00 GMT
Hi everyone,
We just upgraded to 0.9.0a719015-incubating from the 0.8.x release,
via mac ports.
We found two things that weren't clear from the wiki:

1) View design documents must be PUT with the slash between _design
and the document escaped. This isn't what the wiki says:
> You can have / as part of the DocID but if you refer to a document in a URL you must
always encode it as %2F. One special case is _design/ documents, those accept either / or %2F for
the / after _design, although / is preferred and %2F is still needed for the rest of
the DocID.

Shall I update this, or this is a bug in the version that we're running?

2) The GET urls for views  has *not* changed. This wasn't quite what
we expected. The wiki says that you query views using an URL like
/_design/designname/_view/viewname, but on the version we're running
at least, this isn't true. This is how you *PUT* view documents; GET
is still like this:

Hope this helps someone. Please let us know if we've misunderstood something.

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