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From Jens Alfke <>
Subject Re: Peer to peer replication
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2009 07:07:47 GMT

On Mar 7, 2009, at 2:21 AM, David Van Couvering wrote:

> Hm.  I am concerned that your Average Joe does not like the idea of  
> opening
> up their HTTP port, and probably doesn't know how to.  Folks used to  
> hacking
> with BitTorrent maybe, but that's not the target user I was really
> considering.

'HTTP port' really just means the port that CouchDB listens on. That's  
not port 80; it could be anything you like. Opening up a port is a  
necessity for P2P apps, where there isn't a central server available  
for everyone to rendezvous through. Fortunately this can often be done  
automatically by using the UPnP or NAT-PMP protocols to request a port  
mapping from the router. For example, the BitTorrent clients I've used  
all do this automatically, so I didn't even have to think about the  

IIRC, there is a page on the wiki that describes running CouchDB  
through an SSH tunnel, which would add more security. I think this  
would be a good idea for any P2P usage.

(BTW, could someone describe how the replication protocol works? It's  
over HTTP, but what kind of requests is it sending and what sort of  
data? Does the pulling server just issue a request for 'every document  
whose sequence number is greater than the largest sequence number I  
got last time we synced'?)

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