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From aju <>
Subject Re: put and no _rev
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 18:58:09 GMT
hi dean

thank you for the reply.

Dean Landolt wrote:

> *Exactly *like MVCC. That's what the revs are for. There's no diff mechanism
> in couch.

well, i guess couch do store the deltas.

> If you mean do the two requests make sense, then yes. Or better yet, you
> could just try to put, and if it fails, request the latest rev and give it
> to your user to merge (or if you can do so algorithmically, then have at
> it).

what i hoped for was a solution with only one request for an action that 
      should just "overwrite" the last document.

in a RDBMS when you update an existing row (document) it is a single 
step. (there's no revision term here obviously). likewise in subversion 
when you commit an updated document it is a single step.

consider from the wiki docs:

  GET /somedatabase/some_doc_id HTTP/1.0

  "The above example gets the current revision"

then why would

  PUT /somedatabase/some_doc_id HTTP/1.0

not also work on the current revision ?


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