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From Martin Sarsale <>
Subject Re: designing a GIS app using couchdb
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 21:40:25 GMT
On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 5:35 PM, Rhett Garber <> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Martin Sarsale
> <> wrote:
>> Now, I'm not too sure what is the natural id of the Place documents:
>> the place name is an option, but probably there's going to be more
>> than one place with the same name. Any hints?
> I'm a little biased, and this has nothing to do with couchdb,
> but I might recommend using the Yelp API for your businesses. If you
> use the Phone number API
> ( you can a lot
> of good 'place' metadata as well
> as a unique id.

YELP API looks good, but unfortunately (not!) there're other countries
on earth apart from US and I happen to live in one of those :)
anyway, using the phone # for ID sounds good, maybe I could add a prefix?

>> PD: bonus question, I'm planning to use Python and Django for the app,
>> what's the recommended couchdb module for py?
> The couchdb python library (
> seems to best from my perspective (not django).
>  Some of the others do more ORM type stuff for you, which might be
> more useful for django I dunno.


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