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From Paul Campbell <>
Subject Stuffing: a Ruby on Rails plugin to add CouchDB to existing ActiveRecord models
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 02:21:04 GMT
Hi all,

I've been very quiet around these parts, but I've noticed that there
are plenty of users on here that use Ruby/Rails. I've been working on
some CMS stuff backed with CouchDB and decided to do some abstracting
so that I could get my blog up and running off CouchDB. I thought you
might be interested in this:

Basically, it's a plugin that lets you use CouchDB with existing (or
new) ActiveRecord SQL models. You basically don't ever have to leave
ActiveRecord or SQL, but you get a bonus attribute (your 'stuffing')
that is a hash that persists to CouchDB.

In brief, it's something like this:

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

@post =
=> {}
@post.stuffing_title = "Welcome to Stuffing"
=> {:title => "Welcome to Stuffing"}
=> "Welcome to Stuffing"

It's pretty basic stuff, but it's a really quick win if you want to
use CouchDB on top of existing ActiveRecord models, or if you want to
use the schema-less nature of CouchDB for your documents, but use
ActiveRecord finders, plugins and relationships.

The plugin itself is on Github where there's more examples and options etc.

Let me know if you think this is useful, or if you have any questions
about the motivations that led to writing this,


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