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From Kerr Rainey <>
Subject Re: playing with tags
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 16:16:02 GMT
2009/2/12 Dean Landolt <>:
> Perhaps in this scenario, but take a feed reader, for instance. When a user
> is tagging feeds, it is subject to change at a much different rate than the
> otherwise static content. Even in a single user scenario, once replication
> is introduced (say, to a local instance of the app), it's easy to imagine a
> situation where things get messy. Then imagine read/unread metadata, and all
> the others types of user data associated with this otherwise static content.

Obviously you need to fit the solution to the problem.  Storing meta
data in a doc is not inherently a problem.  Storing *any* data that
has high contention on a single document is a problem, but that's just
basic CouchDB in the same way that you wouldn't store the comments on
a single blog post doc.  If your meta data is highly contended then
you need to find another way round it.  But all this is a non sequitur
from the problem of getting AND semantics for keys in view lookups.


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