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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: help getting svn version running on Windows
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2009 12:24:30 GMT
On 23/02/2009 6:00 PM, I wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm playing with a project which uses couchdb and I'm trying to get the
> project working on Windows.

I've had a little more luck today:

> 1> {"init terminating in
> do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,{function_clause,[{couch_util,separate_cmd_args,[46,[]]},
{couch_util,abs_pathname,1}, ...

The problem here is that the couch_server:start() function now takes a 
*list* of INI files.  Passing "../filename..." caused couch to see a 
list of ints; chr(46)=='.'...

After realizing the .INI file layout has changed significantly since 
0.8, I've now managed to get couch insisting I should relax (yay!), but 
as soon as I issue *any* curl request - eg:

% curl -vX HEAD

I get the following error (with curl reporting an empty reply):

Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.6.5 [smp:4] [async-threads:0]

Eshell V5.6.5  (abort with ^G)
1> Apache CouchDB 0.0.0 (LogLevel=debug) is starting.
Configuration Settings ["../usr/couch.ini"]:
   [couchdb] database_dir="c:/program files (x86)/erl5.6.5/usr/couch_data"
   [couchdb] util_driver_dir="c:/program files 
   [daemons] httpd="{couch_httpd, start_link, []}"
   [daemons] query_servers="{couch_query_servers, start_link, []}"
   [daemons] view_manager="{couch_view, start_link, []}"
   [httpd] bind_address=""
   [httpd] port="5984"
   [httpd_db_handlers] _list="{couch_httpd_show, handle_view_list_req}"
   [httpd_db_handlers] _show="{couch_httpd_show, handle_doc_show_req}"
   [httpd_db_handlers] _temp_view="{couch_httpd_view, handle_temp_view_req}"
   [httpd_db_handlers] _view="{couch_httpd_view, handle_view_req}"
   [httpd_global_handlers] /="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
handle_welcome_req, <<\"Welcome\">>}"
   [httpd_global_handlers] _active_tasks="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _all_dbs="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _config="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _replicate="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _restart="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _stats="{couch_httpd_stats_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _utils="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
handle_utils_dir_req, \"c:/program files 
   [httpd_global_handlers] _uuids="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
   [httpd_global_handlers] favicon.ico="{couch_httpd_misc_handlers, 
handle_favicon_req, \"c:/program files 
   [log] file="c:/program files (x86)/erl5.6.5/usr/couch_data/couch.log"
   [log] level="debug"
   [query_servers] javascript="couch_js \"c:/program files 
Apache CouchDB has started. Time to relax.
[error] [<0.60.0>] {error_report,<0.22.0>,
[error] [<0.59.0>] {error_report,<0.22.0>,

=ERROR REPORT==== 24-Feb-2009::23:15:18 ===


Again, everything after the 'relax' message only occurs when I connect 
via curl.  I've not bothered with the contents of my INI file - the 
debug logs above reflect the actual contents.  All listed directories 
exist and are writable (even the ones that need not be :)

I'd appreciate any advice to help get this going (and promise to hang 
around long enough to assist with another Windows binary build... ;) 
And thanks to the various people who have helped me out on #couchdb over 
the last day or so...



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