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From Christopher Lenz <>
Subject Re: renamed _temp_view to _slow_view
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 21:03:01 GMT
Hey all,

this thread has long completed, so I'm going to tally up the results.  
For every option in (+1, +0, -0, -1) I'll include the number of  
"votes" in the form binding/total, where binding votes are those by  
PMC members.

On 08.01.2009, at 04:30, Antony Blakey wrote:
> 1. Remove the _temp_view facility completely, because you can use a  
> temporary _design view, at which point you should understand the  
> performance implications, and it cleans up the code.

+1: 2/6
+0: 1/2
-0: 1/1
-1: 0/0

> 2. Leave it as _temp_view, because it does the equivalent of view  
> create/query/delete view in a single POST, and you can document the  
> performance issue.

+1: 2/6
+0: 1/1
-0: 1/2
-1: 1/1

> 3. Change it to _slow_view, because compared to _temp_view, the name  
> should act as an immediate warning for people who haven't read the  
> documentation.

+1: 1/1
+0: 1/1
-0: 1/1
-1: 2/6

One thing that's clear is overwhelming objection against the renaming  
to _slow_view. There seems to be a slight preference towards removing  
temp views altogether, but I think that may take more discussion.

I would suggest we move forward here by first backing out the change  
to _slow_view. It's been in there way too long considering the lack of  
consensus over the change, and moving back and forth on such things is  
a real pain for authors of apps and/or libraries that would like to  
stay compatible with trunk (for example, I never made the change to  
_slow_view in couchdb-python because I was optimistic that the name  
wouldn't stick ;) ).

Then, we can start discussing the potential removal of temp views,  
preferrably based on a concrete patch.

Christopher Lenz
   cmlenz at

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