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From Chris Wagner <>
Subject Progress of view generation
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:45:33 GMT

I have a database containing more than 11-million documents (87 GB).  I
am trying to generate some views with rather simple map functions.  For
example, my map functions look something like this: "function(doc)
{ emit(doc.myid, doc) }".  The views are not using a reduce function at

As can be expected, the view generation is taking quite a long time.
The problem is, though, that I have no idea how long it could take; I'm
not even sure whether it could be a matter of hours, days, weeks, ...
So, I guess I am wondering if there's any way to gauge the progress of
the generation of these views -- or at least to be sure the views are
actually being generated and I'm not just watching the Futon
spinny-thing go on endlessly.

And, while I'm writing, I may as well ask whether it is possible that
this long view-generation time could possibly be an ongoing problem or
not.  That is, once the view has been generated once, can I be confident
that further generations (assuming I've only added a small number of
documents since the last generation) will be reasonably quick?  Or, will
the incremental view generation time go up as my database becomes bigger
and bigger?


Chris W.

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