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From Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Subject Re: Simple rereduce introduction tutorial
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 12:56:24 GMT

--On December 1, 2008 6:23:45 AM -0500 Jedediah Smith 
<> wrote:

> I just updated that page with a more detailed explanation of reduce and
> rereduce.

Thank you! The list of intermediate values in the explanation cleared 
everything for me :)

> Rereduce must *always* be taken into account, though it can often be
> handled implicitly by the same code as reduce.

In my case it was as simple as calculating sums of money, so the code will 
remain the same :)

> Here is a simple example of a view in which that is not the case:
> markov

Yeah, I looked at it and couldn't wrap my head around it :) Now everythng 
is much clearer :)

> Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
>> Does anyone have an easy-to-understand introduction to/tutorial on the
>> rereduce argument in the reduce function?
>> I *sort of* understand why it's there and I have a vague understanding
>> of how to work with it, but this understanding is just that — vague.
>> What I would really like to see is a couple of examples and explanations
>> on how and when it should be taken into account when creating the reduce
>> function

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