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From "Thibaut Barrère" <>
Subject Re: Multiple search criteria with ranges
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:36:56 GMT

> Faceted search like this isn't best supported directly in CouchDB
> itself. Its a feature that's been discussed for implementation but as
> of yet there aren't any concrete plans on what that implementation
> would look like.
> That being said, there's nothing keeping you from using an external
> indexer such as Solr that supports faceted searching like you're
> describing.

I'm also trying to implement this faceted search (mailed the list
today about that but the mail didn't make it , I think I didn't post
it to the current address).

I'd be very interested to hear some feedback from people who actually
implemented something like that - either with Solr or any other


-- Thibaut

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