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From "Mark Paschal" <>
Subject Error running tests/views: "undefined symbol: __clzdi2"
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 20:16:00 GMT

I've compiled couchdb from trunk source and, while I can work with
documents just fine, when I try to use a view or run the test suite, I
get an error on the couchdb console:

/tmp/couchdb/lib/couchdb/bin/couchjs: symbol lookup error:
/usr/local/spidermonkey/lib64/ undefined symbol: __clzdi2

I'm using Linux (CentOS 4) on an x86_64 Xen vm. I have icu 3.6 from
packages; following the InstallingOnRhel4 instructions, I compiled
erlang (otp_src_R12B-2) and Spidermonkey 1.7.0 from source. As the
InstallingSpidermonkey directions suggest installing it in
/usr/local/spidermonkey, I added it to my ldconfig setup so couchdb
could find libjs at runtime.

I went ahead and followed the Troubleshooting instructions to get a
clean build, but all I see in the strace about it is the return of the
error message in response to a "['reset']" (so I guess the error is
internal to the already loaded libjs?). Here's that excerpt of the
strace output, showing a successful reset, a reduce, and the reset
with an error:

Per Christopher Lenz's mail in the "errors in tests" thread of May:

couchjs will run and "['reset']" when invoked directly. I tried
recompiling erlang with HiPE disabled, but it didn't seem to help (and
I wasn't seeing the same frozen ./configure behavior anyway).

I also looked for information about __clzdi2, which seems to be a C
library function. I upgraded to CentOS 4's latest stable glibc (a
minor upgrade from 2.3.4-2.39 to 2.3.4-2.41) and recompiled everything
but still experience the error.

This brings me to the extent of my ken of such things, so I don't know
where to go next. How can I resolve the error? Any ideas? Thanks!

Mark Paschal

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