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From Douglas Fils <>
Subject newbie help on issue of passing arguments to a view
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:11:11 GMT
  I am new to couchdb and looking into its potential use for us.  We 
have a huge amount of semi-structured data that on the surface might be 
better suited to couchdb vs something like MySQL.

  I have set up a test server and I am able to store and call simple 
views like:
function(doc) {   if (doc.FolkCde == 'S')  emit(doc.Latitude, 
doc.Longitude) }

However,  I am curious if it's possible for couchdb to be sent arguments 
to a view?  For example could I do something like:
...:5984/lith/_view/test/v2/Mn  where the "Mn" argument is passed in and 
used for the doc.FolkCdr comparison?

Am I fundamentally missing the message with this question?  
In talking with a friend about this we wondered if a HUGE over 
simplification might be:
couchdb:   semi-dynamic and semi-structured data, static queries 
(pre-defined views)
RDMS:  semi-static (and well structured) data, dynamic queries

Obviously the problem with such over simplifications is that they tend 
to be WRONG  :)  but we needed some way to differentiate the two.    I 
would really appreciate hearing about the issue of passing arguments to 
a couchdb view, it's not something I have found a lot of on the net 
which makes me think it's not the target audience of couchdb.   I have 
looked at other packages like Perserver and Dovetail but have various 
issues with them as well and worry about performance there. 

Thanks.. I'm looking forward to hearing about all this.

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