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From ara howard <>
Subject uuid, auto-increment, et al.
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 04:47:23 GMT

i know counting objects, aka, distributed auto-increment in couch is  
consider bad form.  but let me propose a scenario a feel out peoples  
thoughts on a specific topic, in the interest in solving what i think  
*must* be solvable problem when using couch for an actual, real, live  
distributed system..

so let's say we want to store something

   login: foo
   password: bar

in a couchdb system, to authenticate users.  clearly, when given a  
login, we want to lookup a given login by said login and validate a  

so consider this a bit - we could store docs using "account- 
#{ login }" or some other permutation of of the login name - the md5..  

this obviously isn't great - two user signing up on two different  
nodes will cause a collision at replication time, but not at sign up  
time, meaning it'd be nearly impossible to actually create a system  
with multi-master nodes that would allow something as simple as user  
signup without crazy after the fact email resolution requiring a user  
to re-signup iff their login was a dup.

okay, take two, let couch generate the uuid, and replication proceeds  
as planned.  all is well.  that is, until you want to authenticate a  
user... doing a search based on

   emit( doc.login, doc )

returns 14 results.  two of them have the same password.  which user  
*is* this client logging in?

so this seems like a real wart: replication is *useless* without a  
better mechanism for generating uuids.  clearly we cannot expect a  
user to login via uuid, and clearly we cannot use the login, nor  
login:password combined as the uuid since that would create retro- 
active signup failures...

so, in a situation like this, requiring a unique set of data across  
all replicating systems, what would the 'couch way' be?

i think i'm stuck thinking inside a box and would love some insight to  
get out of it but, for now, i feel like the distributed and replicated  
nature of couch, while solving a host of issues, seems to open up  
vastly more complicated ones in the process.

kind regards.

a @
we can deny everything, except that we have the possibility of being  
better. simply reflect on that.
h.h. the 14th dalai lama

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