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From Joel Reed <>
Subject Re: Replication Options for Offline Web App
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 01:26:28 GMT
Paul Davis wrote:
> Replicating from your leaf nodes *to* the central node already works
> as you'd want. Ie, all documents in the leaf database are sent to the
> central db and things are updated as expected. (Verified this with
> minimal testing, so you might wait for confirmation)
Great. I couldn't tell from the wiki page if doing a:

  POST /_replicate?source=$source_database&target=$target_database

Would trigger a one way or two way replication. Sounds like you're 
saying its one way, which is exactly what I need.

> The caveat is going in the other direction. To date, I don't know that
> there's anything to support replicating just a set of records. I think
> there was talk of this to support things like sharding etc at one
> point or another, but I don't know of anyone actively working on such
> a thing.
Maybe I can figure out some manual process of GETting and PUTting, 
though I suppose this would render the builtin _id and _rev bits worthless.

> Perhaps if you wanted to submit a patch for something like replicating
> from a view. :D I really have no idea if that's even feasible, but
> given the little I know of the internals it sounds possible.
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it!

Before I can submit any patches, I'll have to learn Erlang.


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